Halligan Gvt Davenport

Barsala drives short and long-term rental revenue by increasing Airbnb pricing and occupancy for Halligan GVT in Davenport.

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Y&J Properties is a dynamic real estate development and property management company focusing on developing historic locations in Iowa and transforming them into residential properties with 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units.  

When Barsala was highly recommended through a mutual friend in the industry, Y&J had a lot of vacant units designated for long-term rentals in their Halligan GVT five-story building in downtown Davenport. When Barsala came to do a walk-through of the units, they were able to provide immediate value by recommending an increase in Airbnb pricing, which was substantially underpriced based on other rates in the historic area of Davenport. 


Barsala set Y&J Properties up on their platform and seamlessly transitioned the vacant units previously held for long-term rentals into short-term rentals, doubling income and filling vacancies. Barsala’s robust platform gave Y&J Properties the ability to view a centralized calendar view of property bookings across multiple platforms. This has increased occupancy by opening the property up to all different types of short-term residents, from people visiting to see the historical sites to traveling nurses working in the area short-term.

By working with Barsala, Y&J Properties has been able to increase leads, expand Airbnb occupancy, and double monthly revenue while opening up their properties to new short-term tenants.

“Transitioning over to Barsala, we were able to expand our leads. We significantly increased the occupancy of our Airbnb units, and we were actually doubling our monthly revenue.”

- Neil Desai

CEO, Y&J Properties

“We would definitely work with Barsala on a future project. The team is so accessible and communicative, and always working to improve the platform. From a market perspective, we definitely see the future of the real estate industry moving into hybrid short-term/long-term rentals. We think that’s the future, and Barsala gives us a really good opportunity to take advantage of both short and long-term rentals across our entire portfolio.”

-Neil Desai

CEO, Y&J Properties

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