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You’ve created an upscale multi-family asset and you’re ready to generate income. You shouldn’t have to choose between immediate income from short-term rentals or long-term tenants. That’s why we created Barsala with developers, for developers.

Barsala provides a seamless service and technology platform that allows you to generate immediate income—and puts you in control. Partner with Barsala to find responsible, vetted travelers who are looking for a place to stay in your city.

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Discover a Partnership That Works for You

You don’t want to be locked into a master lease or cornered into a risky proposition. You want something that’s tested with owners like you –– something that works.

Immediate cash flow
Receive Immediate positive cash flow on vacant units
Share in profits
Share in the short term rental profits
Collaborative partnerships
Management agreements that do not require a master lease
Scale up and down the number of units based on your needs
Accelerate lease up
Units can be used as model units while also being available to rent

Follow the Lease-Up Journey

Generate income on all your units during lease up and never have to worry about vacancy again. As your building fills up, Barsala’s flexible terms allow you to turn over units quickly.

In the beginning, Barsala will rent a majority of the building.

As more leases are signed, Barsala will manage a smaller share of the units.

Barsala can continue to lease empty units.

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